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My name's virtugirl333, & I just loggd in for the 1st time a few days ago. Obvsly, the 1st thing you're notcng is my spellng (or lack there of). I was born with a lerng disblty calld dysgrpha. It's a long & hard to spell word whch says I can't spell or write as well as I "shold."

But enogh of that. I don't relly like to talk abot it much.

As crazy as it is, I love to write. I'm manly into fanfics, but I'll do somthng orgnel evry now & then. If you guys can look past the stertype, you'll find I'm a very good frend.

I hope to see you guys on the RPG-ish thing in Writng Chalnges. Just look for Wold you like to go to anther world? for more info.