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Well whaddaya know? I've been reading all these "self-help" books to find my "passion" and it was right in front of me all along. My name is Bekka and I have been writing since 2nd grade. Yup. I won a short-story contest. Something about birds. Or cats. I don't really remember. But my computer is full of half-finished, somewhat-started, nearly-done, potentially-great stories.

I feel kinda like I did the other day at the beach... I was standing in the water, trying to clutch my church dress and hold my squirming granddaughter's hand at the same time... only to fail miserably and get the bottom half of my dress wet. What the hell. I might as well jump all the way in now!!!

So. Here I am. Jumping in. I know I know how to swim. So it is just a matter of committing to the whole lovely mess of it all!:mrgreen: