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i'm new on this so any help is much appreciated...and i don't mean only on the forum but in whatever else you can help me with..life, living, drama, friends, etc. whatever. Help in finding my mind would help too! i live in this small nowwheresville city and i'm losing it. i like to call it an assylum...well itis in a way...everywhere there are invisible walls surrounding me with no way of getting out....make them white invisible walls...white wall drive me crazy and that's exactly what has happened.....ok well i'll end here, but i could go on all day....oOH MY GOSH THERE WENT A FLYING MOOSE!!!!!
HI skyler,

I can tell i'm going to love you. You wanna get married? you are a guy right? huh huh huh huh????? I saw a flying moose yesterday.... I love white walls.....

welcome to the forum, chika!

The girl left behind...


Flying moose? I'd better get my umbrella... ;)

Hello and welcome to the forums, Skyler. Great to have you here. Enjoy!