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Hey yall (1 Viewer)


I have currently been serving in the military for about 7 years now.
I love my soldiers, but between the fart jokes and clubs its hard to find others that have a passion for writing like I do. Thus Hello Writers Forum!!
I need some (constructive) criticism 8) idea swapping etc.
I am working on a couple of books, little poetry and allot of short stories. I will try to get a short story that I am currently working on and see if I can peek some interest of go back to the drawing board, lol
And be advised I am SO long winded, so I shall cut this short and spare yall.


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I've a brother in Irag, I believe he's a seargant now. Daniel B. Oerhaps you know him?

Y'all is a common little phrase. lolololol





Great to have you here. Finish the short story and post it if you dare!

And thank you for your service.



Ok I put one in scripts and plays, I really need video behind it to get it to where I think it needs to be, short film kinda thingy do. Its marked Help.... so check it out, be nice and again, I am a babbler, so over look babble :0)


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Welcome to the forum!

You were in the army!? ;

Don't be to GENERAL, be a little specific. It would be a MAJOR flaw to do otherwise. I'm sure your writing is da' BOMB, and will lighten up the community. I'm sure you're GUNing to write.....


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Hey Neighbor,
Welcome to the forum by another newbie that lives in Waterford, Michigan.
Stay safe and good luck.