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hey=p (1 Viewer)


hi XD
my name is vee, im 15 and doing english gcse at the mo.
i really love writing and hope to become a journalist(or something similar) and part time author.
i like writing poetry and articles, but i heart creative writing when it comes to stories.
lol i cant tell you how many ideas i have running around my head, but only around 3 of them have made it to the computer completed:?
and 2 or 3 partially done. i guess i write them in my head and never get round to writing them done, which i really shud try and do lol.
anyway just saying hi=] hope to have fun on this site:p


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Hello there and let me welcome you to Writing Forums, Vee. I hope you enjoy being here and learn new things. Critique and the favour will be returned :)

By the way, I love your avatar.

~ Shinn


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My sympathies with the ideas running around in your head. Hopefully they can spring out of your head on this site, like Athena from Zeus's head.
In any event, Welcome aboard.