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Hey, I'm writing an Onion-Esque Newsblog (1 Viewer)

Hey! I actually haven't been on a forum before, but I came to seek some input on this new project I started. The writing style for the articles (all of which are totally fictional) is similar to that of The Onion.

Here's a quick sample of the kind of stuff I've been doing:

Freak Helium Tank Accident Claims the Life of Local Musician

Jake Ligorsky, the lead singer of “The Obscurities”, an East Williamsburg based rock band, was found dead in his loft yesterday. The musician, who was described by his friend as a “totally rad non-conformist”. Is believed to have died from helium asphyxiation after deciding that breathing air was far too conformist for a man of his sophistication.


WF Veterans
Never liked that parody news site. It causes a stir here in The Philippines.

Still, welcome to the forums! :hi: