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Hello all. I'm De'Sean, or Sean. Whatever easily comforts you best(and helps you sleep at night). I'm 15 years old(turning 16 on Monday though!!!). Please don't allow my age to fool you, I've been through a lot in my life, and I consider myself atypical. Then again, everyone is unique in their own way. Who am I to judge anyway? Most of the writing I create is based on true events, emotions, feelings, actions, and contain something that has to do with me, or something apart of my life. I'm from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I grew up open-minded too everything. My parents are divorced, so I also reside in Collingswood(or Camden), New Jersey.

I absolutely love poetry, it calms me down, and keeps me thinking. Same with lyrics, I like to shout what I need said(in a R&B type of way, lol). Same thing with art, I do a lot of crappy drawings, and novice type Photoshop work to let go of some emotions when I need too. It's fun at the same time.

I am my own mind, I may do some things different, such as spell a hand full of words in specific ways. It's a habit, I try to cut down on it though, believe me. Well, anything else you would like to know, feel free and ask, I'll probably be sure as ever to happily answer anything you ask! :)
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