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Hey guys

My name is Steven and I'm the editor of a new initiative called 'thRust magazine.' We're a small group of people who have a passion for writing that want to start an online community for news and tips and writing and we really believe in our idea.

We are looking for people to write for thRust magazine, about fashion, politics, news stories, ANYTHING! It's really open for discussion what types of stories could be featured!

If you are at all interested in contributing, feel free to visit our webpage thRust magazine @ thrust-mag dot com, or email me at editor at thrust-mag dot com.

Sorry about that, couldn't post links! LoL or check out my profile for more information too!

For aspiring writers: this is a GREAT way to start building a portfolio!

Editor, thRust magazine


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Thrustmag? Sounds a little to much like the last guy that was here... what was it? "Wankmag?"