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Hey, Guys, Gals, & Non-Binary Pals (1 Viewer)

I'm Lee, I've been a writer for as long as I can remember. I've always loved creative writing, but I love reading the most. I'm a big fan of horror, dark fantasy, sci-fi, drama, thrillers, and suspense! I'm also from Kentucky, which can be interesting... sometimes.


Hey Lee! I went to Kentucky once. Only for like five minutes though--I made a wrong turn in Cincinnati and there I was, crossing the river. :lol: Sounds like you enjoy a good mix of genres there. I like a few of those as well. Welcome! :)

Olly Buckle

Kentucky, it's amazing how little I know about it. There was some sort of an issue between Kentucky and Tennessee historically? KFC is named for it, and they have a race called the 'Derby'. My several times great grandfather, Sam Buckle, was a champion jockey who held the record for winning the English one more times than anyone else for over a hundred years, but that's irrelevant :) Welcome to the forum, hope you have a good time here.