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Hey Everyone! (1 Viewer)

Hey Whats Up?

Im Kawaii Peoples Are Normaly Nice Here Lol...Just Post The Right Stuff In The Given Places...I Got Yelled At For Posting A Chat In Poetry


Anything Else Ask People They Will Help

<3 Kawaii x.x.x.x


Hi All,

Just introducing myself to all, and I like to write Scifi and fantasy and hopiing to have fun meeting you all.


Hey back, i+luv+to+write. Welcome to the community. Enjoy!

Hello to you as well, Thaddeus. Please feel free to make a separate thread in Introductions so everyone can see you and say hello.


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Hi there i+luv+to+write and welcome to Writing Forums :)

And hi to you, Thaddeus and welcome to the forum also.

~ Shinn