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As you can tell, my name's Elysia19. I've been looking a long time for a good writer's forum, so i really hope this is it! Anyways, i've just logged on today!

I've been writing steady for 5 years, here and there, mostly as a hobby. I write mostly longer stuff. Though i have written many short stories and poems i enjoy the character development you get to play with when writing a novel.

Currently i am experimenting with the Romance genre, though i tend to lean more towards fantasy. This is my first attempt at a modern day love story and i really hope it works out.

I am still in highschool, so writing isnt a fulltime thing for me, but everyone knows not to bug me when im in my "zone" and i can quite often be found hashing my way through a particularily difficult scene in the school library, or giddy with excitement over a part i've been waiting awhile to write.

Anyways, hope to get to know you guys, maybe post some stuff and see if this helps at all. :D Cheers.