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Hello all.

I do like to write but never published in a major magazine. I sent some small stories to young lady that I met on a BBS many years ago and she created a magazine. This lady lived in Detroit Michigan. The stories and poems went there. Now I can say I have been published. Not major leagues,just minor league stuff I guess you could call it. I have written some poems on poetry.com and some were liked and others were not. Those people out there write fabulous poetry compared to mine. It must be those iambic pentimeters that I hardly use. For some reason or other I guess it didnt matter if they were perfect as I was writing words. Recently my Dog passed away and I wrote a poem about his last day on other web site for just that thing.
My name is really Dennis and the 65 at the end of my login is really my age. I could not think of another handle. At my age when I supposed to be retired and am not, thinking is not my forte' :rabbit:
I have been married to the same wife for 40 years as of may of this year and happily, I am not sure she might agree with the happily at times.:blackeye:
I have a son who is almost 40 and he doesnt like to be reminded. I don't blame him either.(smile).
So now I will say Hello again and hope you have a good evening, It id 92 degree's here in MD and it went up a degree at 605Pm wow!!


Senior Member
Welcome to the forums, look forward to reading your peoms, i'm sorry bout your dog, congrats on getting published at least, it's 23:16 here in ireland so I better get to bed, nice talking to you, hope you enjoy this forum as much as i do. :D

Jay Kay

hi and welcome dennis dude ... age is just a number ... my grandfather says you're only as old as the women you feel ....