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Herd of Bandits chapter 3 (1 Viewer)


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Terry still couldn't believe his eyes. "Who the hell is this guy?" he thought to himself. "His gun slinging speed is inhuman."

General Moss' jaw was still on the ground. All six of his men dropped in a split second. And it was the work of only one guy.

"Wha-what are you?" Moss asked, trying to sound unintimidated.

"Me?" Deacon asked, nonchalantly. "I'm just a cowboy."

"Your name." Moss said, this time more aggressively. "What is it?"

"Deacon Wynter." Deacon said as he tipped his hat.

That name sounded familiar to Moss.

"Well, Cowboy Deacon. You are wanted for killing Old Man Jim. And now you just killed six Union Soldiers."

"Oh, I didn’t kill the soldiers." Deacon said with a blank face.

Moss looked down to see his men. All of them were still alive, but they were struggling to get up.

"G-General Moss." One said as he crawled to Moss' feet.

"I used Rubber bullets on 'em."

General Moss pulled out his revolver and shot the soldier at his feet. He then opened fire on the other five. As Deacon and Terry watched in horror.

"Like I said." General Moss replied in a devilish tone. "You just killed six Union soldiers."

"You bastard!" Deacon screamed in anger. "How could you kill your own men?"

Deacon opened fire on Moss, who quickly scurried to the tents. Before Deacon could run after him, more Union soldiers had arrived.

"General Moss we hear gun fi-" They looked around and saw the bodies of the Union soldiers. Deacon and Terry were suspiciously close.

"Help. The Cowboy and the Ruff-head killed all my men, they have me held up in here."

They all pointed their rifles at the two. Deacon had his revolvers drawn, but he needed to reload.

"Deacon. Give me my rifle." Terry whispered.

"Ok. But when I do, try not to kill them."

"Are you kidding?" Terry asked. "This is a Goldenwood rifle. A shot from this in any body part will kill 'em. "

"Then don't shoot them." Deacon answered.

Terry hoped Deacon was kidding. Especially since the soldiers opened fire on them. Deacon did the same thing he did to save Terry. He shot the bullets heading toward them out of the air. Luckily the soldiers had standard issue one-shot muskets. Now they were forced to attack Terry and Deacon head on. They charged at the duo with their bayonets.

Terry grabbed his sniper by the muzzle and swung it at the soldiers like a club. He knocked it against their legs causing them to fall sideways. He then would slam It against their faces, knocking them unconscious. Deacon was just casually dodging and avoiding the bayonets and then knocked out each of the soldiers that charged him with one punch.

"These guys are too strong!" One of the soldiers yelled in fear. "General Moss, we need help."

"I got your help." General Moss said in an evil voice.

Terry, Deacon, and the soldiers glanced at Moss' general direction, and then immediately scrambled for cover. General Moss rolled out of his tent, pushing two wheeled Gatling Guns. He grabbed one crank on each hand, and then opened fire. Terry and deacon tried their best two avoid getting shot. They took cover behind a nearby boulder. The soldiers weren't so lucky. Many of them were cut down from the gunfire.

"He's killing his own men?" Terry asked as he watched in horror.

"General Moss." a mortally wounded soldier asked, as he coughed up blood. "Why?" Then a barrage of bullets overtook him.

General Moss just smiled."Hmph. Weakling." he said, and then he aimed his guns at the boulder. Ratatatatatatat!

The bullets were chipping away at Deacon and Terry's cover, little by little.

Deacon was overtaken by anger. "That no good bastard. He has a crew of loyal men and he would just kill 'em?" Deacon looked at Terry. Terry noticed his steely eye of determination. "Cover me." He ordered. And then he leaped out of cover pretty high into the air.

Terry was amazed. "How could a normal guy jump that high?" He tried to focus and aim his rifle at the enemy. But the bullets were still coming his way, and his cover was diminishing.

When Moss saw Deacon in the air, he just aimed his guns upwards. Deacon swirled in the air to avoid the bullets. He then unholstered his pistols and fired two shots at the Gatling Gun's main barrel; jamming it and rendering it useless.

"What just happened?" Moss thought. Everything happened so fast that he didn’t see how his guns got jammed. His thoughts were interrupted by Deacon's fist connecting with his face, at high speed. The punch was so powerful, that it sent Moss flying backwards before he crashed down and skidded against the ground. He left a trail of grassless dirt when his momentum stopped.

"How?" Moss asked as he struggled to get up. "How are you so strong?"

Deacon just smirked and tipped his hat downwards. "I'm going to be the greatest outlaw who ever lived. That's how."

Moss just clenched his teeth in anger. He then pulled out his last weapon. It was a bick stick with a huge rock attacked to the end. The rock of course, was covered in moss on one side.

"Fitting." Deacon joked.

"You're not gonna be funnin' around when I smash your face in!" Moss screamed.

Moss swung the weapon at Deacon. Deacon ducked down and then uppercutted Moss in the jaw.

"Ngh. This guy is heavy handed." Moss thought.

He swung and missed, he then lunged and missed. Deacon followed through each time with a punch to his face.

"He's too fast. I'm going to have to time this right."

Moss swung One more time at Deacon, who dodged again, and then jammed his fist into Moss' stomach.

Terry had his scope aimed at Moss. But it looked like Deacon had it covered. He glanced over at Moss' surviving men. They were just watching, not even trying to help their general. Probably because he tried to turn them all to swiss cheese.

Moss was still rearing from the last attack. Deacon decided to end him with a wide swing.

"Now's my chance." Moss thought.

Moss tucked his weapon under his arm and thrust it outwards. Deacon, who was trying to land that powerful punch, ended up smashing his face against the rock. Moss, seeing his opportunity, thrust forward with all his might. This caused Deacon to fly backwards.

"Time to end you. Filthy Cowboy." Moss said with a smile on his face. He lifted his weapon over his head and was about to slam it against deacon's skull.

He was interrupted by the barrel of a sniper suddenly aiming point blank at his face.

"Forgettin' bout someone?" Terry asked with a smile on his face.

General Moss was still. He completely forgot about Terry, and now he is going to pay for that.

Terry pressed the barrel between Moss' eyes, and then pulled the trigger.


The force of the shot caused Moss' lifeless body to be lifted off the ground several feet. He finally crashed down, and his weapon landed next to him.

Deacon smiled and then got up like nothing happened to him; to Terry's amazement.

"Nice job Ruff-head." Deacon said heartily.

"We still might have one more problem." Terry replied. He pointed at the surviving soldiers of Moss' regiment.

"G-general Moss is dead? One of them said, and then they were silent for a little while.

Terry and Deacon just stood there, waiting for the soldiers to make their move.

Finally, one of the soldiers started cheering and the rest followed. They ran up to Deacon and Terry and started thanking them. They even held a celebration for the two at the Bar.

While Deacon and Terry were drinking to their hearts content, Deacon asked If Terry would join his crew.

"I guess I owe you for saving my life. Ok I'll join, but under one condition."

"Sure ruff-head, what is it?"

"That- that right there. I don’t want you to call me that racist term. My name is Terry."

Deacon just gave him an unconcerned look. "Yeah, sure." He said unconvincingly, and he went back to drinking.

After a little while, a group of armed Union soldiers walked into the bar, interrupting the celebration.

"Deacon Wynter, It seems that you are wanted for killing two people." one of them said. He had an upset face, like he didn’t want to be having this conversation. "While we thank you for helping us with General Moss, we have to ask you to leave. We will not pursue you and leave you alone."

"Why you ungrateful-"

"No problem." Deacon said nonchalantly. "Let's go Ruff-hea-I mean Terry."

Terry just rolled his eyes and followed Deacon to the stables. The soldiers provided clothes and a horse for Terry.

"I can't believe those guys." Terry said angrily. Have they no sense of gratitude?"

"They do." Deacon answered. "They are letting us go without a fight. Let's go Ginny."

Deacon spurred his horse. Terry did the same and they both rode out of the town. They were sent off with the soldiers doing a salute for them.

"So what do we do now?" Terry asked.

Deacon just smiled. "Now, we need more members."