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Our Short Story in Real Time
My first writing of any kind.
100% Truth So Help Me God.
The World Wide Web Has been our provider and our life over 10 years.
My body, and mind, and my family must get this behind us.
It seem fiteing it receives my hope, and it will decide if there is a part
two or it ends here.
You will decide if there is a neme and face put with this.


Iv been in the computer related industry for over 12 years.
Sitting on the couch till 3:00 in the morning for weeks now. My family walks by wondering what on earth is in our future? I find myself writing page after page about my past in the World of corrupt corporate wrong doing. My adrenalin is somehow being feed to my body and I find myself using it as my last ditch defense against this corruption that I was caught up in. To me it’s Natures gift to her children when they have nothing else left to battle with. The adrenalin has been a strong part of me for weeks now. I truly know the power of nature's truth serium adrenalin. If I weren’t completely honest with myself and or were a guilty party in this; nature wouldn’t give me such a gift as this adrenalin that’s helping me get my family and I through this. I am not the academic type. But somehow I am able to write the many years past in a short period of time.

All I have to use against this corrupt devil of a Boss is truth’ but the truth wins out in the long run. At work my Boss is vary deep in the corruption. There was two corporate managers at my branch in the past. They were both found guilty by the law. This manager is much more savvy, similar to the corporate corruption of today. So many times my best friend for over 12 years now makes the comment “where at about serveral thousand dollars a week in lost revnue now. I know my best in life has hesitation in the defense of this corruption as did I. My defense against the corruption will be these words along with 100% of the truth. So many times my boss turns a angle to me and in a Discussing with my best friend he quaintly looks towards me and says “I going out tonight tonight to eat with the Judge. It was a atempt to plant fear. I have been keeping what proof I could of these wrong doings. I now know the boss is on to me. He has recently shown me that he also owns the District Attorney and Police as well, and many lawyers. I fear after this someone with some power may jump into his corruption, and breing harm to my family and I.

I received a monthly statement showing my paid time off, and sick days Remaining. It showed only one sick day remaining. I had about 12 days total remaing in truth. I knew he was turning up the heat. I showed it to my Forman and to my best friend which was my Graphics Artist. They knew it was wrong but as I they felt they could do nothing. One of the other wrong doings was paying an x manager off the books for about 2 years. He worked different duties around the shop. One day I ask him to assist us in the shop and I was meat with a 6’6” mans fists coming at my short frame at a 45 degree angle. My life flashed before my eyes as it was the first time I had seen a fight science my Grade school days. Another way to keep things the Bosses way was to have only About 30% of safety meetings. Then there was the in house one week evaluation by someone from the corrupt office. It never happened. With all the past events I believed the Boss was letting me know there was no way I would win any quart case against him, for he owned the town.

I was going to receive my 10 year Diamond Ring at the xmas party in a few months. I believed he wouldn’t do anything drastic against me until I received my Diamond Ring. At that point I figured I could use the Diamond Ring in my family and my favor. It would give me the edge of time. The Boss would think I wouldn’t make any foolish moves against his corruption until the time I received the Diamond Ring. I was going to give the Ring to my Wife of 25 years for standing by my side through the last 10. Someone had stolen my wife’s Diamond Ring so it meant the world to me.

I began to give hints to my family about things coming to a head. They agreed that leaving before we meet the corrupt delves sward would be wise. Leaving town with my family and little money and no definite job was better than the option. I also My family was about to go through the second hell of our life, but at least it was the beginning of the end. I searched through my head for any alternatives I may have left. After my past computer school and 10 years of computer related work I thought of one option I may have left. It was a Resignation in Real Time, of which I would flood the internet with the with the truth and proof included, and the first bombardment going to the President and Board of Directors, with hops that he didn’t get to my family or I. They are a Public Traded Company and the largest Company of our kind. Know this, they know nothing of any of this. With his power, and the only way to launch a Resignation in Real Time would have to be with my family on the run. I couldn’t put them through any more of this. I was out of options. Lying in bed beside my wife the night before I left my job I broke into a cry and told my wife I wasn’t going to be able to give her the Diamond Ring. I wasn’t going to be able to go back to work. It was the first time my wife had ever seen me cry besides at funerals. The first morning after my first day missed at work was greeted by two police cars rushing up my drive and dashing to my door. Needless to say it was a shock to my family and I. The people at my job said the boss sent them to my home. The boss said someone had escaped from prison, or something to that effect, and he feared for my family and I.

After that my family and started packing. We left North Louisiana, and ended up working in Katrina Stricken area in south Louisiana. My two sons and I worked for several months at a major Medical Center located in the New Orleans area.. A couple of months later it was Christmas eve when I got a dose of what another case of corruption in the south of Louisiana simular to north lousiana when working on one of the Katrina Ravaged office buildings my two sons and I stood in the second floor of one of their damiged buildings. At this time thay were vary late in giving us our weekly pay. We watched the forman that was to play us that day drive away whithout giving us our pay. We were then to be off work for about 10 day's. Trying to come up with comferting words for my two sons, I drew a lump in my trought, that is something I pry thay get over. It was our first christmas without Christmast Dinner and any gifts. Were still in play..

This is my first time to get this out of our heads. We pry it helps.

Thank You:
Ok, interesting, but some things need work.

You need to work on your spelling. Also, when you say the time is it in the morning or the afternoon? Also, your numbers should be "twelve" and not "12".

Overall your essay was interesting! Keep up the good and interesting work! :cat: