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I have been to some real bad workshops over the years and I have had the fortune of buying some rubbish books like most of us trying to improve my writing for that day when I finally write that great novel that I know is inside me somewhere.

Being a fan of Geoff Tims and with keeping a close eye on his website I found that he has written a book on How To Write Poetry which I also enjoy. I decided to buy it and found that the title should be changed because it not only helps improve your poetry writing but it shows you great techniques on how to improve writing in general. I have now looked at some of my old poems and used what I am learning at the moment and have noticed lines that I should not have used as they do not read correctly. I am going to tackle some of my bottom draw novels to see if i can save them.

Talking about writing can I ask if people are getting as sick to death as me buying all these magazines and not really helping budding writers. They are more interested in saying how great the magazine is and filling it with adverts instead of giving great tips on how to write that great novel and how to really sell it. I feel that these magazines are worried that if they give us to much information then we will never buy it again. It is like a big piece of cheese where we nibble on month after month with the cheese never reducing.

Come on magazines stop ripping us off.


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Hmmmm, never bought a writing magazine before.

i bought a book called "worlds of wonder:how to wirte sci-fi and fantasy" but i can't remember who it was by, anyhow, this was a really good book with tonnes of good advice in it about almost every aspect of writing. Helped me enormously (though not with my spelling)

Ben M


I really truly beleive that a good book doesn't need directions to be written. It just kinda comes out. I have red some grade b books, kinda like b rated movies, but they did have an original idea. Or maybe it was that bad.

This is all just my opinion though, as i personally have never read anything that improves what i write. Two people have effected how i write though. One introduced me to it and the other was a teacher i have in College, he gave me a good idea for getting the creativity going, or at least it works for me.