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Help with English essay (1 Viewer)



Hey. This is my first post, go me! Anyways.
I'm writing an essay about the French Lieutenant's Woman, for English class. (I'm in grade 9, by the way, so nothing too elaborate, please! Don't want to be accused of plagarism.) I either need a thesis or just general help. It's an 8 paragraph essay, and I'm getting really annoyed at it. I should have started it earlier, but oh well. Anyways, even if anyone could reccommend some sites that could help me look for quotes from the BOOK, that would be great. Or a thesis - the question is pretty much what is the book about. Thanks everyone, please try to help the newbie! :lol:
Aw thank you! I'm sure it'll be helpful, although I'm almost done, finally! Thanks though.