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Help Wanted !!! (1 Viewer)

Hi folks,
Limited information here i'm afraid, but does anyone recognise this book -
it's a science fiction book, the hero in it is an ufologist with bad social skills. Can't remember the rest of the plot - other than he ends up discovering some form of alien life, or government cover up, in the north pole and his life is at risk for getting so close.
The only other thing that sticks out in memory was the author making a big deal about the guy masterbating - but purely for scientific reasons only !
bizarre I know - I just remember it being a good read, if a little bit weird - and haven't been able to find it since !


Quick Google: Operation Thunder Child, by Nick Pope. There's a sequel as well: Operation Lightning Strike.

Don't know if that's the one you're looking for, but it seemed the likeliest result.
Hi Magpie,
Thanks for taking the time to google that for me, for some reason googling it never crossed my mind !
They're not the books I was thinking of, but thanks anyway