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help on submittion od script (1 Viewer)



How do I submit a screenplay to a director? Is a better idea to submit to a director rather than a production company?


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it's not all that easy, jhg... you don't find directors at your neighborhood mall... you have to have a way to get to them... if you don't have any connections, you can find out who the director's agent is, and hope it will get to him/her that way... but, so many try this that without a referral from someone known to them, it's extremely doubtful your work will be read...

regardless, don't EVER send a script without being invited to, if you don't want to just waste paper and postage... no one in the business will read an unsolicited script... it's legal suicide, since you could claim they stole your idea, or whatever, so anyone legit that you send it to, will ask you to sign a release first...

best thing is to send a query letter presenting your logline and concept [+ a 1-page synopsis, if their guidelines say to], asking if they'd like to read the script...

for more detailed info on the whole process, you can email me and i'll send you some tips from the pros on query letters, loglines, etc...

love and hugs, maia
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