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help - non-fiction about people & their job(s) (1 Viewer)


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I'm taking a creative writing class at my college over the summer...it's about people & their jobs. So I'm reading books people have written about jobs and writing my own pieces dealing with my working at a bakery.
I'm stuck with what books to read. I get to pick out my own books but I'm having a hard time finding a wide variety of work memoirs...and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

So far I have read:

"Coffee, Tea, or Me?"
"Garlic & Sapphires"
"Nickel & Dimmed"
"Down & Out in Paris & London"

Any other pieces I should look into? Memoir novels & graphic novels are okay. Like I said, I'm having a hard time finding and I've gone into a few books stores asking around and even there I run into trouble. At one book store, one employee told me she didn't read books. lol So...yeah....any help would be great!