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Help me find this book? (1 Viewer)



This is a long shot. I read a book about two years ago but can't remember the title or author. I'd love to read it again. I've tried a few book searches online but to no avail. I thought there might be an off-chance someone here has read this book and can recognise it from what I remember of the plot. Here goes:

The story is set in the UK, south coast, and charts the life of a mother and son who get caught up in an IRA bombing. The boy is left deaf and his mother is disfigured. The story is told at first by the mother, then by the son, and alternates by chapter.

So yeh, my chances are slim but does anyone know what book this is? :)



wow, that's the one! You are good. :)

I'd certainly recommend it to anyone who fancies something new.