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Help identify a story (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
Short story about a blind man, I think is a beggar, who is feeling worthless and pitiful. He tells his misforunate tale to another man, a successful, about his accident that cost him his sight, maybe at a factory, and he's been a poor man ever since.

Then the other man in the end reveals that he is also blind. Thus the moral being about attitude.


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Although I haven't read this story, I consider myself to be quite good at uncovering things on the internet. Alas, my efforts thus far haven't been successful. So now, of course, I'm more determined than ever. Do you have anything else to go on? When did you read this story--would it have been authored by a well-known writer (i.e., did you read it through a school assignment) or was it perhaps in a literary journal or magazine?


Senior Member
Probably around 1989ish I read it in high school in a literature textbook.

That's it. Yeah, I've dug up Google on this, and scanned all my books (fourteen thick collected literature books). It was probably only a couple pages long. Beyond that, I dunno. No author, character names... Nothing.

Thanks for looking, though.