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So my name is Andrew, I am not published or anything cool like that....yet(crosses fingers)...but I love writing...So I may go into to much detail about this but I figure I get one chance for you to really know me by just what I say before what I write becomes your source of understanding me.

I started writing my freshman year in highschool. I remember so vividly(though I cannot find it for the life of me) the first thing I wrote. My Freshman english teacher was like none I had had before. He told us at the end of each week we would have to write something and he would merely grade us on whether we did it or not. That day my dad and I went out to get me a pad of paper and new pens(at my request). I got home and pressed my pen to the paper and words flooded before I could think. That day changed my life maybe for the better, maybe for the worst. But my views changed and I became obsessed with getting better. I started out with minor rants and poetic verse, the moved into perspectives with a poetry like writing to convey them. Everything I wrote, I never thought a second on and that grew into a problem with my typos and grammar and mistakes and I would leave out words and just awful things, I had to learn to read over whatever I wrote. Turned out to be a good idea cuz I only understood what I wrote after I read it.

After quite sometime I got into efedding which is just basically competitive short story writing with "wrestling" characters lives. If you are in the right place it can be a perfect way to help hone your skills. This got me into writing short stories and open my world to a diff. way of writing. As I got better I caught myself coming up with ideas for all sorts of things and now I have to keep a small notepad in my back pocket to keep them all down. I write alot, whether it be poetry, short stories, rants, theories, ideas, or now my current attempts at a novel, and a screenplay.

I'm hoping coming here, I can get some help with my skills and craft. I have had no classes for writing. I am a novice, that much I am sure. I just know that writing flows through me and it makes me feel alive and thats something I want to keep in my life.

hehe, that rest is between the pages I suppose

edit: oh and I am 20 years old lol
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