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Hello everyone! I just wanted to drop by and say Hello....so Hello!

I have been writing short stories since I was in 4th grade, but never finished anything. I find I have a very crude writing style. I have thousands of ideas running through my head at all times, so I have finally decided to start putting those ideas into stories. My current project is what started everything going in this direction. I had to write a blog for school. All it needed to be was a one page blog, just to prove we knew how to do it. I did not want to do a boring old "hi, my name is so-and-so", so I decided to write a story in blog form. Since I started it, I have continued to write on a daily basis (minus the 10 days I took off to go out of the country to get married). The blog is now on day 81. I have an ending in mind, but I have a long way to go before I get there.
I wanted to join this forum to help jump start my brain a little more. I have been finding myself getting sever writers block. Hopefully I can get past that with some help.

Dr. Malone

Good luck with the writer's block. Congrats on getting married. Nice to see another Georgian here.