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I'm brotherbrutus, new to the forums (something you definitely weren't expecting to see in this post, I'm sure). I love writing (again, I am just full of these incredibly refreshing ideas). I'm a senior in high school and have been writing since a fairly early age, although I wasn't really serious about it until a couple years ago. I mean, I was serious about it in the, I take myself and everything I do seriously because I'm a young teenager kind of seriously, but not the kind of seriously that a person serious about being serious about a serious business is serious about. I'd really like to turn writing into a career, and figured that even though my life is pretty full of everything other than writing, I still have to make room for it, so I'm moving in.

I have been one of the 97% who start and fail to finish a novel about three or four times, but am currently in the middle of one slated to be finished. I'm taking a break from it though, because I feel there's still a lot I need to learn about writing and about my own style before I'm ready to get myself published. I've been writing short stories, which I enjoy more because you don't get stuck with the same characters and ideas for months and months on end.

Well, that's that, and I can now say that I am officially introduced to anybody who takes the time to read what I'm sure must be countless identical "hello" kinds of dealies.

Cheers and heres to seeing you around the forums, BB