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Hello everyone! My name's Sam (but if you can't remember that "sushi" will do fine, too, lol) and I'm an avid reader and writer of many different genres. I'm looking forward to posting my stuff on this site and receiving crit, as well as reading other people's stuff and hopefully meeting some friends. :) Once the school year starts I may get kind of busy but I'll somehow manage to make it on here at least once a day to read/post or even just chat.


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Hello there and let me welcome you to Writing Forums, Sam. I hope you will enjoy being here. :)

Hope to be reading some of your work soon.


My favourite genre? I don't think I could choose between romance, drama, or fantasy. Both to read and write I love them all. I write a lot of short stories when I have writer's block and most of them end up being drama or at least chock-full of angst, and I don't think I've written one full-length story (or at least started one) where there hasn't been some sort of romance. I'm a sucker for that kind of thing. I like to read mysteries, too, but I've never really managed to write one. Believe me, I've tried.