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Kimberly Dawn

This intro will be a bit long, but that's pretty much me. (You will quickly see that I'm not very good on being short and sweet.--I need an editor!)

I've been making stories since I was 5 years old. I write because I can't do much else. I figured out I was a writer when I was 13, even though I'd been writing for a long, long time. I aim to be published and I don't view writing as a hobby--though everyone around me seems to. (But isn't it always that way?)

I write Fantasy, Science Fantasy, Science Fiction, Chic Lit, General Fiction, Young Adult and Children's. I can't cover Mystery or Romance that well even if I've read and watched a ton of it. I'd like to dapple in other genres as I find interest and gain knowledge. (I know this is called career death to want to dapple so much... but I think dappling for so long has showed that I truly know where I want to go.) Roughly in that order...

I write poetry, flash fiction, short stories, novelettes (to my chagrin), Novellas, novels, series and trilogies.

I have also semi-professionally edited. (For a manga editing company--so editing the translator.)

I have the usual backlog of projects that need to be published. Among them is a picture book, a flash general fiction, a few short stories in a few genres, and a few novels/novella that needs serious editing. And a novelette that won't budge. (Experimental Fantasy fiction which means its basic death.)

Hobbies: Drawing, learning languages, cultural anthropology, research, gardening and a lot of other crafts.

I'm majoring in Cultural Anthropology and Computer Information Systems. Because I couldn't earn decent money on the skills I had and I wanted to enhance my writing by taking some of the more useful careers. (Though I admit I end up floundering a lot and taking classes because they fill in things I don't know.)


Hi Kimberley and welcome to the forum. If you can write general fiction you should makke that your focus. Publishers are inundated with fantasy and 90% of it never gets beyond the slush pile.


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Hello there and let me welcome you to Writing Forums, Kimberley. I hope you'll enjoy yourself here. :)


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Hello and welcome to the site, being a fellow newbie I'll be wandering around like you, though your impressive skills in genre exceed mine. I do love flash fiction or flash any genre but run about with my head cut off in other genres.

Looking forward to reading your works


Kimberly Dawn

Hi Kimberley and welcome to the forum. If you can write general fiction you should makke that your focus. Publishers are inundated with fantasy and 90% of it never gets beyond the slush pile.

The Fantasy fad has to die sometime soon... it's reaching critical mass according to the last time I was in the book store. (Market Research...) I started when it *wasn't* popular and science fiction filled the shelf. I figure by the time I finish my science fiction stuff, the fantasy will have died and people will say that I should write fantasy. ^.~ The novel I'm writing now kisses the line and is Science Fantasy.

The more diverse I am, the more likely I'll stay alive in this market.

But then I get "You should write only one genre" a lot... I wonder if people are afraid of competition <--joke. I hope to able to roll with the times in my writing career.