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Hey everybody, I'm new here. I've been writing in my free time for quite a long period, and like to post things I've wrote. In particular, I have played forum-based games that focus on writing- I write something, and someone else picks up where I left off. Its provided a good foundation, and I am finally looking to just sit down and write a long story on my own.


Sounds awesome.
I really want to write a novel, but I always get a beginning but then, I don't know, I just don't like it so I start something else. :(


I've had similar issues... I'm thinking of a general topic for my project. I'm either going to make it revolve around Gangsters in the 1920's, or Colonists in the British Empire during the early 19th century. I'm trying to brainstorm more ideas, but I'm having a spot of trouble....