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I'm new. I'm currently writing my first novel. I've nearly got a chapter done and I'm contemplating posting it for criticism.

I should say that every English teacher I've had has despised me for whatever reason. I assume it's because I don't like to over-analyze literature and I let them know it in the essays they made me write. This also turned me off of reading for a long time, up until the last few years.

So, hello to you all. :-D
Ha ha!

welcome to the forum. (all my english teachers love me! for some odd reason.... ha ha ha) I don't do anything special. I'd think they'd hate me considering how i write all my reports the period before english starts. All my friends hate me for it because i can put a lot of bull crap in it and still get an "A". Maybe you were just unlucky... lol. well, welcome to the forum anyways!