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Hi everyone.
I'm currently doing a degree at University (unrelated to writing), which I applied for simply because of its job security at the end of the three year course.
Being on summer holiday, and with plenty of time of my hands, I’ve decided to pursue something I’d really like to do for a change. I want to start writing fiction. Not just fan-fiction, but something that will eventually be worth publishing to somebody.
I'm under no illusion as to how difficult that is, and I also acknowledge that I’m also not the best equipped person to take on this challenge.
I work and learn extremely slowly, I find it hard to buck habits, my grammar is terrible, and I’ve only ever read 3 books in my life (with the exception of academic books.)
However, I feel I have some positive attributes to help me on my way. Although I am young and inexperienced I am certainly not lacking in things to write about. I spend a lot of time in my head, and being of no particular group or minority, I feel I’ve got a very open minded perspective of the world and its people.
This brings me to why I am here. I'm here for your advice to start my journey.
I've done absolutely no writing previously. Where should I start?
I've thought about writing a few short stories, but struggled tying my ideas together. I've also searched for free to enter short story competitions for inspiration, but no luck so far.
Can anyone give me some advice or tips to get me on my way?


I've just realised that my supposed short introduction has just turned into a lengthy wall of text. Apologies for that.


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There are some writing challenges and prompts here to help with block.
If you know you have bad grammer, get a grammer book. I suggest Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss; it's hilarious and informative.
Surely you have at least done some creative writing in school? Or if not creative per say, even essays count. But, if writing is in your heart, it doesn't matter. You'll pick it up. If it isn't in your heart, what's the problem anyway? You do really need to read, though. Do that before you start writing. Go to the library once in a while, or there is plenty floating around here for you to look at. Little worth taking notice of, though.
Anyway, hello and welcome.