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Hey, I'm new to writing forums period. I recently read How to Write a Damn Good Novel II, which I found really helpful and inspired me to get more serious about my writing. Over the years I've written poems whenever I felt inspired or just need to put emotions and thoughts down on paper. I enjoy writing stories, none of which I have finished except for a couple of short stroes. Right now I am trying to write a novel, but it depends on if I stay committed to it or not whether I'll be able to finish it or not. Thanks for reading this post, and I look forward to future posting. ^_^ Good luck to all y'all as well in writing.


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Texas callibri, yeah.

You'll write piss for a novel if you can barely finish a short. Just so's ya know, bucko.

Chris Stevenson

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Welcome aboard. I hope you decide on a major project and dig in. Lots of help and advice around here to bounce ideas off of.



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Actually, writing a short story and writing a novel are very different!! I cant write short stories either, mainly because I like to write long indepth stories. It's a totally different discipline to write a novel. I think Short Stories are a hell of a lot harder!