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Hi everyone,

Thanks for letting me join. It's a while since I've been a regular forum-goer (time and energy has been at a premium). I joined to link up with other writers and also because I work at a library and it would be great to let you know about some of the events we have on.

Interested primarily in genre work, kids lit and weird stuff. :)


Staff member
Hi Rhian, and welcome to the site. :) I've been online since the days of Prodigy and CompuServe in the late 80s, and bar none, this is the friendliest, most helpful online community I've ever experienced. It's a very uplifting group who are generous with assistance and friendly (almost LOL) all of the time.

Even members who don't need a lot of writing advice find energy here to fuel their writing projects. We'll all look forward to your contributions and getting to know you better. :)


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Hi Rhian and welcome! I have always loved being in a Library, there is something very soothing and magical about them. I spent much of my youth in the sanctuary of a school Library.