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Alex Pearl

My name is Alex Pearl and I'm an author living in London, UK.
I am a retired advertising copywriter and both of my published novels are now available for FREE as ebooks on all major platforms including Amazon worldwide.
My children's/ YA novella, 'Sleeping with the Blackbirds' was longlisted for the Millenium Book awards in 2018 and was selected by the Indie Author Project in 2019 for distribution to public libraries across the US and Canada.
My thriller 'The Chair Man' is a Kindle bestseller having appeared at the top of the Kindle thriller charts several times.
I write for the thrill of writing and am not interested in making any money from sales, which is why the ebooks are free and will remain free for as long as I can persuade the likes of Amazon to keep them that way. I have no real control over the pint versions, of course, other than pricing them as low as I am allowed.
I have included the universal Amazon links below:

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