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I'm Neezy (nickname given to me by my husband and one of his friends). I enjoy writing a variety of different genres; however, I have difficulty concentrating on one work at a time. My goal is to one day finish one of the many stories I've started and get published.


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A retired engineer here. It takes discipline and dedication to complete any project. When I’m working on a novel I think about it constantly. So, perhaps you’ve not found a story that captivates you sufficiently? Or you have too many ideas competing for attention? Either way, pick one and flesh it out; if it doesn’t pan out, pick another. Writing is work though; the words won’t magically appear on the page. Dedicate yourself to it and you’ll get it done.


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Welcome! I just finished a novel that I am working on getting published. A lot of people on the forum helped me along. I recommend visiting this thread regularly. It is motivating to see what others have achieved each day.

I can't speak to getting it published yet but it does feel great to finish something. I hope you achieve your goal.