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Hi! This is the first forum I've been on.

I'm currently in the military, attempting to start classes next month, pursuing a communications major with a business concentration. I really enjoy writing about my stories and life experiences in my free time. That being said, I like to journal more than anything. I'm not the most creative when it comes to creating my own fictional story. I like reading about other people's stories and hearing different opinions from people.

I wanted to join this forum to improve my writing and get good feedback, and to read other's stories as well. I've never been on a platform like this before so I hope it'll do me good and expand my knowledge on how to be a better writer. :)



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Welcome! How exciting that you are starting a new program in communications. Especially with a business focus. I am a CPA and have taught various business courses before I retired a couple of years ago. I think you are going to enjoy your studies.

Listening to others can be food for creative ideas. If you are journaling too then I think you have all the making of a great fiction writer.

I have learned a ton here and know you will too. Enjoy...I look forward to seeing you on the forum.