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Olivia Brine

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Hi everyone
I stumbled upon this forum after exhausting IRL beta readers that consisted of friends and family. I'm sure they have plenty of better things to do than read my developing novel but love me enough to do so. Alas, here I am. Hoping for a harsher set of eyes who can point out some flaws rather than just cheering me on. I don't know of any other serious writers in my life so I'm hoping to meet some amazing writers through here. I know I have so much to learn!
I have a fierce loyalty to dystopian/post-apocalyptic genres. I was originally hooked by YA but have since grown out of that (I just can't connect to reading about characters younger than me). Anyway, very excited to meet you all!


Staff member
Welcome to the forum. Get ten posts and post a section of your novel in the Workshop area and let me have at it!


Staff member
Welcome to this forum. I'm sure you'll get lots of helpful readers here for your developing novel.

I was informed of the warmth and friendliness of this form by @TheMightyAz who welcomed me when I joined - hi @TheMightyAz 👋 (I haven't been on here as often as I would like but am hoping that will change).
It better change!



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You're right that you never trust friends and family for helpful feedback. :) It can happen, but you can't count on it. The toughest thing for a developing writer is to read a list of the things they aren't getting right, but the ones who can embrace that critique and incorporate the advice are the ones who turn into effective writers. On the other hand, one of the toughest things about giving critique is to point out flaws while remaining encouraging, and most of us do want to accomplish that.

There a talented writers here, and you'll find honest, non-judgmental critique. Welcome to the forum! :)