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Hello everyone, I’m a few years from retirement and 3 years into a Creative Writing degree with the OU. I enjoy writing in the magical realism genre, and am beginning to find an interest in mysteries too. I hope to spend many years in my creative world when I finish work for good, and maybe even get published. Loving the journey and looking forward to meeting some fellow creators.


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Hi Salsajax and welcome to our creative community. How are you enjoying the Open University learning experience? The magical realism genre sounds interestingWhat attracted you to that genre?


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Whoa! What a transition! You're venturing into a whole new world, a magical new world, even. What are your favorite books? What are books similar to what you like to write? I would love to talk about them!


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Welcome! Also a fellow retiree recreating myself as a writer. Looking forward to hearing of your learnings from the creative writing degree...