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This is the awkward part of joining a new community, the joining itself.

I’m looking for a place to post poetry, for genuine feedback. Not the let’s rip it to shreds sort of feedback; that leaves me with nothing to do but scrap it all but the sort of feedback that I can actually utilise to make what I’ve written better.

I’m looking for somewhere to post poetry, where the people despite their online nom de guerres are actually warm and welcoming and not just there to troll people into giving up on, it should be a fun and relaxing past time to partake in.

I’ve been burnt before with membership on these forums and so I am a little wary about rejoining this world. I’ve been writing for fifteen years now, seriously on and off, published in a few less than renowned online journals and now I’m back ready to take writing seriously again.

I think I have potential to get something tangible published whether a poem in an actual printable journal, or a pamphlet, or even and this may not be realistic but an actual collection. That being said while I think I have this potential I’m not sure I have the staying power or dedication. I’m hoping to find a home for my work that will lead me to fulfilling my potential, whatever it may be.

What I think I’ll bring to the forum is a genuine interest in your work, I enjoy the process behind giving critique that is actually beneficial and helps you improve what you’ve written, even if it’s something as minimal as removing a few words here or there. I genuinely want to engage and become part of the community.

So hello, where and when can I get started?



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Syd -- Welcome m'new friend! I love the irony of your avatar: perfect vision to the right; perfect vision to the left . . .and you squished in the middle, going sort of "whaddaf_ _ _ ?!" Aspiration and humility in one bundle. Rare. Quite wonderful. We are going to have a ball . . . .

(mind me not. I'm good as long as I limit my consumption of red meat and take my meds)