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Hello Writing Forum! I have a question! (1 Viewer)



I am stuck in a terrible writers block because the premise for my script seems to be flat. I'll tell you the basic idea then my premise, maybe you can tell me how to make my story/premise better.

My story takes place here on Earth at our present time. My story is about these city rats that learn of a plan to destroy Earth. There are these reptillian beings that want to destroy the Earth and they need this special DNA of a girl named Olivia who lives in the city. There are also the grey aliens that want to revenge the Reptillians because they destroyed their planets (I don't know yet how this plays into the story, but I'm just putting it in there) The premise that I have come up with so far is "what if you knew that aliens were trying to destroy Earth and you knew how to stop them?"

Hopefully this story doesn't suck too much all ready, but your comments and feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Lost in Some Story

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First of all, welcome to the forum.

Second, in answer to your question, keep writing through your writer's block. I know it sounds cliche to the point that it doesn't mean anything anymore, but if you really do it, it works. When you get stuck, keep writing. It doesn't even have to be good or relevant; just keep your fingers moving.

If you still can't bear to look at it, let alone write, set it aside for a day or two. Be sure to keep your writing mind on by working on something else. A short story or even a crappy poem will do just fine. Then, after a little break and some brain clearing, get back to it.

The best medicine for writer's block is writing. The worst thing you can do is to stop.

Just my experience.



Hi there. It seems you might not be sure where the story is headed. If that's the case, find out your destination and then fill in the details on how you got there.



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Hello to you, and welcome to the forum. To answer your question, I would probalby take action! I'm always one for action, and if something happens, I react immediately - also in my writing.