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Hello to fellow writers (1 Viewer)

Hi, everybody. I have just recently registered for an account to enter the forums and I have become a member after getting my profile properly signed up. I have been writing fiction for quite a long time now and ever since I first picked up a pen I have always thought that writing was a talent that I had in me as I am greatly interested in it. I am also a fan of books as well so I particularly find a lot of pleasurable passing time when I get into a good book and have fun reading. Reading gets my wings a chance to spread whereever I can take them to and it can give me some ideas that I can take inspiration from to express the kind of ideas that I want to put into my fiction that I am wanting to create. I certainly have lots of wonderful ideas to share probably with whoever wants to learn about it. I want to say that I really like websites like these where there are communities for writers and people who are interested in doing it to do writing related things and offer subjects forward for discussion that can be mentioned in the forums. I am really into fantasy fiction just now and it has been a longtime favourite genre of mine as I have been reading these kind of books by some of my favourite fantasy authors. I have also been researching some knowledge I could find about fantasy authors so that I could look out for some other good books that I might like to read as well. Some fantasy books have been made into films and there are some fantasy books that could come to mind that have been adapted for TV and some of this novels have been written by some renowned authors and maybe at times some lesser known ones if that is possible. Some of the novels and the novelists I have brought ideas about here are some of the authors that I have great interest in at the moment and some of them I have had interest in them for quite a long time. I would probably take this opportunity to introduce myself as I am, which I have already been doing such as reading interest and film interest is concerned, just as much can be said about my fiction writing interest as well, I am also interested in languages and history is something that interests me as well.


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Pleased to meet you. I too love reading, and understand how a good fantasy tale helps open up our own creative flow.

Have you read or seen Stardust? It's a favorite fantasy story, the book and movie are both wonderful. I'd also suggest The Neverending Story. The book far surpasses the film, which is also great, but only about a third of what the actual book is about.

This is a good place for writers and aspiring writers alike. Lots of help and inspiration can be found here.

I look forward to reading what you share. Welcome to the forums.


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Hi Hamish, welcome to WF and our creative community. We have many fantasy writers here ... enjoy :)