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Hello. My name is Paige Madison, I am a mom of 2 and I run my own inhome childcare. As a mom and provider I have a loving insite to kids. I started writing childrens books when I was 15. Now 12 years latter I have almost compleated the set (5 books in all), on manners. I have also had the passion for reading romance books. I know corny huh. Well, for the last 2 years I was writing notes on how I think one should go, and could not find any like it. So I developed my own. Now I didn't acctualy start writing it till the end of October this year. I then set a tough goal. To have my first draft done and printed by the end of the year. That's write I want to have it developed and sent to be read by my peers by the 1st. I have completed it mostly. I have several alternitive endings and several other sections that have diffrent choices. I am joining this group to give and recive some insight on how others like what I am offering. This is also a series... planed to be 3 or 5... still unsure of it as of now. I have the first almost complete, second has charecter development and outlines, third is just a rough developing idea with plot. As for the fourth and fifth they are just an imaginary idea for now. Just seeing what I can for now with the ones I already have planed.

I look foward to reading and seeing what is to be said. I am an open honest person and will give it to you straight foward, as I expect it back.


I look foward to getting to know all of you, and reading some of your works. Thank you for the warm welcome.

L'Oiseau Noir

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Dearest Paige, welcome to this humble abode!

I do hope you enjoy your stay--I most certainly am; and I just disembarked the newbie ferry all but yesterday (or the day before, I forget).

And excuse my exuberant language; I've read far too many victorian novels, you see, and I fear they are slowly overtaking my being. I blame Jane Austen, I do. Accursed wench! (I jest, I love my dearie Jane :D).

Well, I shan't waste a moment longer of your time! Welcome, welcome, and do stick around.

The gallivanting fool,