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Hey, i searched for forums for writers and this is what popped up! I think the easiest way to introduce myself would be for me to just post a small bio of myself..

A little over 17 years ago, Vir Kullar was born. Having lived in India all his life, he has had a chance to interact with people of various cultural and economic backgrounds. With 92% in English in his board exams, Vir has slowly but steadily been adding to his 'resume' with training from 'Showtime' and 'McCann Erickson' to name a few companies. As a co-editor in school he has flooded the in-house magazine with his work. Recently he has begun getting his work published in one of the editions of Times Of India (newspaper). Vir's focus is short narratives and humorous re-counts of incidents. Apart from writing, He spends a lot of his spare time with his friends and listening to music. More @ my blog