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I'm Jamie, I'm 17 and live in Buckinghamshire, England. I have recently discovered short story writing and have decided to join a forum where I can post some of my work, and also read others' work to see how I could improve my writing.

My outlook on life is very weird. I look at life as if it could end any day soon. Having nearly died at the age of 11, following a nasty bike crash, I started giving a more cautious approach to life. After that day, I was left with little memory and don't remember much from before that day. Since then, I have always been curious as to how objects work. I like to hear the intricate details, and when making a speech, writing a letter or even writing a poem or story I try put lots of detail in.

I like to give my honest opinions on life, and if people ask me for an honest opinion, I will give my honest opinion. I don't lie to make the writer feel better. I give them my honest opinion and hope that they seem where I'm coming from.

Hobbies. Well, I'm a keen photographer and Ice Hockey fan. I like to go out for long walks with my camera and snap away. I try to go out most weekends, and during the week. I mainly do landscape photos, and the countryside that;s around me is fantastic for photos.

I'm also a music fan and am always listening to music.

Hope to chat soon.


Jay Kay

welcome jamie ... good way to look at life ... put all your energy on the moment and don't waste any on whats outside your control ... like tomorror ...