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Hello there! ^__^ (1 Viewer)



Hey everyone. ^^;
Well my name is Monica, I'm 14 years old and I enjoy writing both stories and poems. I haven't looked around WritingForums yet, so if anyone has a favourite thing they like doing around here or would just like to introduce themselves, then please, go ahead! ;D
~ Monica

EDIT: OOPS. I'm reading the rules now and it says I'm not allowed to post my name! =O Does this mean my username is against the rules? I'm so sorry!
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Hello and welcome to the forums, Monica.

No worries, you did nothing wrong. The rules are for your own safety. But I don't see a problem with posting or using just your first name. We just don't recommend people give out private information is all. This site has tons of wonderful people on it, but like anywhere, you just never know, you know?

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to PM (private message) me or any of the staff. :)


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Hi there and welcome to Writing Forums, Monica :)

I hope that you wil enjoy being here with like-minded writers.

~ Shinn