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Hello one and all . (1 Viewer)

My Name is R.R. Pearce. I have been writing, for a big part of my life, I have written everything from poetry to short stories, some erotic adventures. I have several unfinished manuscripts of some books I have been working on for a series of novels.
I must say my writing has pretty much been a private thing, or perhaps my recreation. I have had a couple of my works published. I have not considered writing to be my profession; I went to college for business. Lately I have decided that I am ready to put myself on the chopping block, and let others view my intellect, perhaps gain some pointers along the way, perhaps I can help others as well, I like the concept of learning together.
Best wishes,
Ray Pearce
Hello there and welcome to Writing Forums, Ray

~ Shinn
I never came back here, and said, thank you, I am glad to be a part of this fun, and learning place.

Nice to meet you, Ray, and welcome to the forum!

Thanks I intend to be here awhile!
Hi there Ray and welcome to the forums.

They are a bit bumpy at times, I like bumpy!

Hello and welcome to the community, Ray. Good to meet you. Enjoy!
It is nice to meet you, as well.

Peace out one and all.