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Hello my name is: "Snafu" (1 Viewer)



I'm 32m who lives on the east coast of the US but originally from the west coast. I am an amateur poet with no training or education but always felt like I was good with words. I've had a very hard life. I've been a heroin addict. I've been an alcoholic. I've been insane and locked up in psych wards and jails. I've experienced homelessness and the worst life has to offer, but try to remain optimistic. I'd describe myself as a kind and open minded person.

I love to write. It's a release for me. My poetry is often very dark with addiction being a recurring theme and my favorite poet is Bukowski which will probably become clear to you. I adopted his style in many ways. Sorry if you don't like him :)

Have a great day


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I love to write too...and I totally get the release thing! It sounds like you have some interesting life experiences to draw from. I look forward to your posts.

Welcome to the forum!