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Hello, my name is C.V. Reynolds (1 Viewer)


C.V. Reynolds

I'm 22 years old. Although I've been writing since I was somewhere around 12 years old, I didn't become a serious writer until early 2004, when I was still 18. I saw the anime series Trigun and became inspired. I knew I HAD to write something after that. It led me down a road of growth and maturity.

When I started my first novel on the date of April 11, 2004, I had not originally planned for it to be more than a minor story for posting in my e-mail RPG. It was to be a little sci-fi/fantasy story with entirely too many characters, written in script format. I changed my mind when I realized that I was more capable than I believed. I dropped the extraneous characters and switched to prose.

On my book's third birthday, after many rewrites, I finished it. After a short break, I started a second one. Thriller experience, actually finishing.

When I was younger, I dreamed of being many things. I had never imagined myself using writer as a career, but that's precisely what I'm attempting now.

That's all I have. :)


Senior Member
C.V., welcome to the forum! Congrats on finishing the novel. Good feeling, no?

Just wait 'til it's time to edit. That's when you'll want to stab yourself in the eye with a flaming toothpick. ;)

Sniper McGee

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Hey Reynolds, nice to have you. I'm impressed by the novel thing, it must take alot of determination, i'm still working on that myself. I'll be watching this one.

-Bryce out