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Hello, my introduction (1 Viewer)


Hello everyone,

I decided to join this forum because I want to rekindle my love for reading and writing. When I was a child and teenager I wrote down a lot of stories. I had huge ideas in my head and tried to write them down. However, I was never fully into writing so I never actually picked it up. I used to write with a pen and my max was filling a whole notebook. After that, I never looked back into it but I did keep on reading Fantasy genre books. Also, I'm from the Netherlands and my second language is English, not perfect but I still want to write in English.

Now, at the age of 31, I have decided to try and write a short story. I have some ideas in my head and am currently in the phase of writing them all down on paper. I wish I started earlier when the pandemic hit but hey, it's never to late to catch your dreams and write them down ;).

I hope I can develop my skills here and in the future I will share my stories. Let's first gain some extra motivation and knowledge.

Kind Regards,



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You know, sometimes I wonder if I should have called myself 'seethe', instead of a name I can't possibly live up to. Welcome!
Thats why made a pen name. Too much pressure to make a cool user. and If i am ever published, some way, some how, I dont wanna use my real name. But now I feel like a lame-o without a cool user name 😭


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I stopped writing for 7 whole years, but here I am. Been back at it diligently for 6 months. I wish I knew a second language, but nope. I hardly know english lol