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Hello, I'm new here! (1 Viewer)


Hello, I’m Ed and I’m new here!

I love writing stuff

Before the lockdown I would go to a weekly writing group

I have a book that is currently in production

I am always keen to observe Orwell’s rules for succinct and honest prose, that are in his essay Politics And The English Language

I look forward to participating on these forums, I wish I'd have discovered them much earlier!


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Glad you’re here. This is a good place with lots of supportive and knowledgeable people. Have fun!

BTW, I have a hat with the saying ‘Make Orwell fiction again’. You might be surprised how many people don’t know who Orwell was.
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Hello Ed. I'm new as well. I also wish that I had known about these forums earlier. Being here could have saved me a bit of time during my edits. I'll see you around.


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My local writing guild hasn’t met in person for a year. They do virtual meetings though, but I’m not a virtual kind of guy, so haven’t attended.