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My name is Victor Soto, I am from Lake Mary, FL. I am just finishing my FIRST Children's Book. I am happy to have found this Forum since I have no experience in writing, I am a musician and I have wrote poetry and lyrics but no anything like this.
I have so many questions regarding how to publish (self or house) and many more and I hope to find the answers in here.

Thanks :p


For publishing info, try Holly Lisle

The fantasy writer "Holly Lisle" has fantastic info at her site about publishing, and most of it applies to all types of fiction. I can't give you her URL (forum rules for a newbie), but search for her name in quotes (as above) ad you'll find her site.


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Welcome indeed. You say that you are finished writing your first children's book? That's some experience writing. It may not be epic, but it is something. I consider myself a musician as well, except more in a non-traditional sense. Hope this forum helps you on your journey.