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Hello from Upstate! (1 Viewer)


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Well, this is my first forum I've joined and I'm hoping that this place will be as wonderful as I've heard. I'm basically attempting my first book (probably like a few people in here are). I've joined for the simple fact that I want to know that there are others out there who are going through the same stuff that I am and perhaps be a cheerleader for some hopefuls! Go TEAM! haha... ok I'm a nerd, yes, i know. Either way I'm happy to be here and hope to absorb something useful or have my butt whipped into shape when i get down. Thanks!:geek:


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Hey there Hopeful,

Welcome to the forum! I joined uhhh a week or so ago...and was looking for exactly what you are, (cept, it wasnt my first book) anyways, you'll find that this really is the great site you've heard it is, i was very plesently suprised.

I really look forward to reading some of your work!